Our work in addiction treatment is based on solid, scientific research and exacting patient follow-ups and our experience equals success. In 2006, we completed a major study tracking past clients and looking at their successes as below:

  • 86% of our past clients were currently abstinent.
  • Between 70 – 80% report substantial improvements in the quality of their lives, with positive changes in job performance, family life and the ability to handle problems.

There was a clear link between abstinence and Continuing Care:

  • Almost 8 out of 10 abstinent respondents completed the Rutland Continuing Care Programme.
    44% of all relapses occurred in the first 8 weeks and over half of those who relapsed were not in Rutland Centre Continuing Care at the time.
  • 82% would recommend Rutland Centre to someone else.

Almost all clients commented on the life saving and life changing aspects of having been in treatment and the sense of love and safety which the clients experienced while at Rutland Centre.

“I have a great life today without alcohol and drugs. I had no idea what lay ahead of me when I entered the Rutland nearly five years ago. It has been a fantastic journey. I love my life today”
Our work in addiction treatment aims to provide the client with a rounded experience, providing not only freedom from addiction but a new level of life satisfaction and wellbeing.

In 2014, we completed a study comparing pre and post treatment psychological distress (anxiety, depression and self- esteem). Following statistical analysis of standardised measurements we found that following treatment:

  • There was a significant reduction in self- reported anxiety levels
  • Clients reported a significant improvement in symptoms of depression
  • Self- reported self- esteem increased markedly following treatment
  • Overall subjective wellbeing improved following treatment